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Message from the Chief

Welcome to the University of California, San Francisco - East Bay Program  

In 1990, the East Bay Program was formed from a merging of three surgical residencies:  Alameda County Medical Center, Naval Hospital in Oakland, and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland.  Claude H. Organ, Jr., M.D. presided over the early maturation of our program and masterfully supervised the transition in 2001 from sponsorship by the University of California, Davis to the geographically more accessible University of California, San Francisco.  On May 1, 2003, Alden H. Harken, M.D. was recruited as Dr. Organ's successor. Dr Harken grew the program throughout the many changes in medicine that we have seen in the first part of this century. After 14 prosperous years, Dr. Harken is currently keeping busy and enjoying retirement. 

Residency Program

During this transition we do not foresee any major changes in the residency program. The residency remains strong and is flourishing. We have a committed Program Director in Barnard Palmer, M.D., and a supportive Associate Program Directors in Javid Sadjadi, M.D. and Emily Miraflor, M.D. The Residency Review Committee (RRC) for Surgery scrutinizes residency programs and, depending upon their assessment, approves programs for three to five years of approval.  In part because of the stability of the program, as we move into our 28th year as the East Bay Surgical residency program, we have continued to be granted 5-year, and now 10-year review cycles, a testament to the strength and stability of the program.

The two biggest jumps in any surgeon’s life are from 4th year of medical school to internship and from chief residency into the real world.  At UCSF-East Bay, our aim is to put each resident in the best possible position to master both of these transitions.

Our Residents

Our program is composed of a diverse group of 50 intelligent, industrious, and superb surgical residents that are teamed with an accomplished, experienced, accessible and supportive surgical faculty.  We graduate seven chief residents annually.  We envision ourselves as training surgeons for both academic/fellowships and/or private practice careers.  Similarly, we offer rotations at a large county hospital, two Veterans Medical Centers, a comprehensive managed care Kaiser Hospital system, the Oakland Children's Hospital, and the Mount Zion and Parnassus Campuses of UCSF Medical Center; thus, instead of just hearing about the joys and/or problems associated with surgical practice in various venues, our surgical residents are immersed in rotations representing each of the surgical environments that they are likely to select for their practice of choice. 

Resident Research

We acknowledge that surgical research is not for everyone.  Here at UCSF-East Bay, we have the unique capability of offering two years of surgical research experience, if the resident is interested in such a course of training. These are coveted research positions that the residents must earn. Approximately two-thirds of our residents are awarded two research years. 

A Wealth of Surgical Experience 

The UCSF-East Bay program does not have surgical fellows. As such, our chief residents are doing the most complex cases, one-on-one with our surgical faculty. This situation is something we are quite proud of and feel it is a critical advantage in training top surgical residents.

The UCSF-East Bay General Surgery Residency Program is dedicated to providing the best surgical training anywhere.  Please do not hesitant to contact us or stop by anytime. Our doors are always open.

Professor of Surgery
Chief, UCSF-East Bay Surgery Program
Chair, Department of Surgery, Alameda Health System
Director of Trauma Services, UCSF-East Bay

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