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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery at the UCSF-East Bay is comprised of a vascular surgeon who manages vascular problems at Alameda Health System, Highland Hospital. A complete line of services including carotid, vertebral, thoracic, aortic, aortoiliac, peripheral vascular, and visceral arterial reconstruction are available. In addition, cervical and thoracic sympathectomy, thoracic outlet decompression, trauma services and venous procedures are offered. Approximately 150 major vascular procedures are performed each year. There is one vascular clinic per week backed by our comprehensive in-house non-invasive vascular lab. The vascular lab performs approximately 1,400 studies per year, 60% of which are in-patient consultations.

Vascular Faculty

Shahram Aarabi, MD

Arnold Levine, MD

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